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How to stuff a Moroccan Pouf

I am simply in love with Homewares and décor from Morocco, in particular the leather handcrafted Moroccan poufs- which are still made by local artisans using the old methods of tanning and stitching the leather. These poufs make quite a unique statement in the home but first you will need to stuff them to make them perfect for however it is you want to use them for.  When we asked what the locals recommended we stuff them with, we were told "Fill it with anything you want!" In morocco they are commonly stuffed with old clothes and rags.   So yes you can really stuff them with anything you would like but after some experimentation of our own we have come up with some ideas to fill them- some eco friendly...

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Mint Empire Homewares | Work life balance

Coffee, cushions, clocks, Moroccan poufs, throws, storage baskets, the laptop, kids, husband and dogs. That about sums up my life at the moment... Its been a crazy and exciting week for Mint Empire and the Oates household in general, with the launch of Mint Empire homewares and interior décor, packing orders, talking to and receiving feedback from our customers, the husband home from work and the kids being on school holidays. How to juggle it all and give your best to every aspect of what you are doing? That's something I'm definitely still learning and to be perfectly honest I have always been worried about and I don't think it's just a female thing. I love my business, I have great passion for all things home, interior design,...

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Hello from Rose @ Mint Empire!

Hello! I'm Rose and I am so excited to have started this part of my life, finally doing something I love and have great passion for - styling and decorating interiors and finding beautiful things, so yes that means shopping haha! I believe in working hard and being kind to others, for having these two traits alone will help bring you happiness, friendships and success. And so the journey begins.... Mint Empire is up and running and full of life. A place created for everything that is home, food and family, basically all the best things in life.     

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