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How to stuff a Moroccan Pouf

I am simply in love with Homewares and décor from Morocco, in particular the leather handcrafted Moroccan poufs- which are still made by local artisans using the old methods of tanning and stitching the leather.

These poufs make quite a unique statement in the home but first you will need to stuff them to make them perfect for however it is you want to use them for. 

When we asked what the locals recommended we stuff them with, we were told "Fill it with anything you want!" In morocco they are commonly stuffed with old clothes and rags.  

So yes you can really stuff them with anything you would like but after some experimentation of our own we have come up with some ideas to fill them- some eco friendly too! 

Beans work really well, we recommend that you place a bin liner bag inside the pouf first and pour the beans into the bag, that way if you need to add beans later or remove them it saves you the mess of thousands of beans going everywhere!

Our Moroccan pouf at home is filled with newspapers and junk mail catalogues, it is light, easy to pack and fill and a great way to recycle too!! Once our pouf softened up we simply just add a little more newspaper to keep it firm.

Old clothes or towels work fantastically and creates a firm pouf that perfect for sitting on.

Feel free to email us with any suggestions you might have yourselves and we would love for you to share some pictures with us of your Moroccan Pouf in your home!!

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