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Spring Cleaning - Declutter your home

Firstly de-cluttering your home doesn't mean you just go around just throwing everything out but also a matter of putting things back into some sort of order and in the right location, so that you can find things more easily.

So where to start? It can seem like a very daunting task but trust me not only will it be worth it but you will feel so good for having done it.

Firstly set aside some time depending on the size of the room and work through each room one at a time. Turning the whole house upside down in one day is never a good idea, not to mention exhausting!

I use 4 large storage containers or baskets and label them -

    • KEEP
    Now go through the items in that room and really consider what is it used for? When is the next time I will use it? Where does it belong? Why do I need it?
    Once you answer even a few of these questions you will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to decide which box it belongs in and you are on your way to a less cluttered and more organized space.
    Be ruthless during this process - after all you can always change your mind later but make sure you have a justified reason for doing so.
    It is so important to have pieces on display in your home that you absolutely love and bring you joy when you see them, keeping that in mind if you don't love an item - don't keep it or put it on display. For example we had a lamp - I felt it was hideous for about 8 years stored away in a cupboard because I felt bad getting rid of because I received it from a family member for our engagement, finally I listed it on a Pay it Forward page for our area and it was picked up by a lovely lady who couldn't believe I was getting rid of it, absolutely loved it and had the perfect spot for it in her home! So I had made more space, decluttered and felt good about it at the same time!
    My point is that your stored and unwanted items can become another persons amazing find for there home - so be ruthless and let go!
    Now that you have kept what you need, thrown away the rubbish, relocated and given away what you have to, it is  now is the time to go out a purchase any extra storage containers and baskets that you need to keep things organized. It is always better to buy your storage after you declutter because then you know exactly what size baskets and containers are needed and the places that they need to go.
    Lastly when you have finished decluttering you home or room remember that not a lot of people out there have cupboards, drawers and wardrobes that look like pictures from a magazine, your home is being lived in, loved and used! All that hard work is for creating a more organized space that works the best for you and your needs and helps you and family love the space you're in.
    photo credit: My New Kitchen via photopin (license)
    Photo Credit: Rosanne Oates