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Mint Empire Homewares | Work life balance

Coffee, cushions, clocks, Moroccan poufs, throws, storage baskets, the laptop, kids, husband and dogs. That about sums up my life at the moment...

Its been a crazy and exciting week for Mint Empire and the Oates household in general, with the launch of Mint Empire homewares and interior décor, packing orders, talking to and receiving feedback from our customers, the husband home from work and the kids being on school holidays.

How to juggle it all and give your best to every aspect of what you are doing? That's something I'm definitely still learning and to be perfectly honest I have always been worried about and I don't think it's just a female thing.

I love my business, I have great passion for all things home, interior design, home décor and I love knowing people are happy -happy to come home to a place that they are proud of, feel good in and can enjoy. There are times were I have found myself sitting up working, researching, learning and trying not to shop online till all hours of the night, and then the guilt comes through wondering if I have spent enough time doing everything else, spending time with the family, walking the dogs, do I need to scrub the shower?

Well although I may always worry about these things I have come to realize that my time has to be divided up and that's ok and asking for help is ok too.

I have found that actually turning off the laptop, putting the phone down and giving my family my undivided attention helps me find a little more of that work/life balance at the end of each day (although I may be caught scrolling through Instagram - it's addictive I swear!).

And a glass of wine and good chat with family or friends never go astray either! 

Rose x